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Quarryfit Ltd specialises in the manufacture, erection and maintenance of quarry plant and machinery throughout Ireland.

Owner Terry Mc Gee has been involved in the quarrying industry for the best part of 20 years.

Quarryfit also carry out refurbishments, modifications or design and manufacture projects.

Repairs to cement bins, cement silos, crushers, crushing frames, conveyors, screeners, washing plant and all the ancillary equipment associated with the quarry business are all undertaken by Quarryfit Ltd.

Quarryfit Ltd design and manufacture to a very high standard in line with customer specifications. Once manufactured, Quarryfit will then fit the equipment and maintain if required.

Quarryfit can also manufacture waste recycling equipment, source and supply plant equipment such as crushers, conveyors and screeners.

Tel: 028 8283 1550 Mobile: 07989 553 631

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